Frith & Co are Your Partner in Your Future

Frith & Co, based in Oxted Surrey, services owner managed businesses and taxpayers.

  • helping them achieve their aims
  • ensuring they run sound organisations
  • keeping them up to date with legislation
  • advising on latest tax opportunities

Some detailed areas of expertise are set out below. When you become a client you will receive all our helpsheets which are relevent to you. Please find some examples below.


Frith & Co are experts in the complicated field of IR35, which face many small businesses.

The firm has kept up to date with all the most recent cases in respect of the tax rules on owner managed companies supplying personal services in their industry.

Please see examples of our relevant and topical helpsheets:


Investment Property

Robert Frith has given many seminars on this subject in recent years, building the reputation as a renowned taxation expert in rental property. This relates to advising clients dealing with developments whether commercial or residential, or in the "buy to let" market and in respect of their sale and capital gains taxes.

Our property helpsheets assist and advise as an investor should be aware of a number of specific areas ahead of committing to any purchase or sale.

Our Service Levels

It goes without saying that the firm, acting as a Registered Auditor, has a large number of clients in a considerable variety of trades and industries across all sizes of business.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the firm is its concentration on service and compliance.

The firm has certain standards...